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HD Brows

HD Brows is a treatment for eyebrows that is completely individual because it's tailored to the specific person’s brows. You have to be trained directly by HD Brows to be able to do this treatment. Our Salon Director has a Master’s certification in HD Brows, which is rare, meaning that Flawless Faces has become a local hub for HD Brows within the region.

There are usually seven steps to the process. The whole appointment usually takes around 30 minutes, so it's much more thorough than a standing eyebrow wax/thread and tint. It's also worth leaving your brows alone for a few weeks so you get the best possible results.

First you’ll have a consultation where the Therapist talks through your brows, the shape, the colour and how you want them to look. It's here you can talk about any issues you have with them – whether there are sparse areas or you're unhappy with the shape, and they can advise on where to go from there.

If you are looking for thicker, fuller brows, it might be that you and your Therapist decides on a regrowth programme but again, this will differ depending on what they're like. If the eyebrows are over-plucked you'll work with them to grow in certain areas and you'll be shown how to fill them in properly in between appointments. If you're on this programme, the Therapist will probably encourage you to use the lash and brow booster which promotes hair growth.

You can still get the HD Brows treatment though because the hairs that are needed for the end result brow will be left alone and be styled around this area.

The next step is tinting the brows. The colour is matched to the hair colour and style that's wanted so they don’t end up looking out of place. The dye is applied before any of the shaping starts so that it grabs onto all of the little baby hairs you might have so these can then be styled and help to fill out the brows. Once the dye has taken, the shaping starts. This is a mixture of waxing (this helps with the precision of the shape), threading (for the areas the wax may have missed) and plucking for any final stray hairs.

HD Brows aren’t permanent although if you’re put on a regrowth programme, the hairs you accumulate during that obviously are – which is the point. The tint as well as the shape need upkeep as there will be fading and regrowth over time. Treatments can last between four to six weeks although this can vary from person to person.

Our Express HD Brows is a shorter service, tailored to your brow needs, and is excellent for maintaining your shape between HD Brows appointments without affecting your re-growth programme. New clients are advised to have one of our full HD treatments on their first visit to us.

Brow Lightening can be added to your treatment and is used to match prominent or dark brows to the client’s hair colour. It enables tinting of grey/white hairs that don’t usually take on colour due to hair structure.

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*FREE Patch Test required at least 48 hrs before treatment (first time only)

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Meet the Team

Flawless Faces | Neeta | Director

Neeta Matharu - Salon Director

Born and bred in Leeds, Neeta has lived in Stamford since 2006 with her husband and 2 boys. Having worked in the industry since graduating. She had an interest in Beauty from a very early age and having completed her Beauty Therapy training and several years working for Mac and Estee Lauder took the brave step of setting up Flawless Faces in 2006.

She has worked tirelessly building the Flawless brand. Curator of the Flawless Brow, Neeta is renowned to always be on trend in the sector, recently completing her Masters in HD Brows. She has worked on film sets and on A List celebrities, but feels right at home making people feel great about how they look and feel.

Flawless Faces | Sheila | Therapist

Sheila - Therapist

Originally from London, Sheila has worked in the industry for over 10 years. Most of her training has been in prestigious Spas working with a number of prestigious brands and products.

High levels of client care and attention are of paramount importance to Sheila which has led her to work with a number of VIP clients in her time – not that she ever divulges who they were. Detail is her thing and does a mean massage!

Flawless Faces | Dil | Therapist

Dil - Therapist

Originally from Nepal she brings to Stamford along with Neeta & Niomi the art of authentic Threading. This has been taught and passed down her family for years. A perfectionist when it comes to all things Brows & Lashes. Did we mention she is great at Nails and Waxing too!


We want people to feel great about themselves and we think by helping people enhance the way they look and feel about themselves goes some way to achieving this.


One size does not fit all. We understand this better than most. We tailor our treatments to suit the individual, not us, with no gender bias.


We want everyone to be able to access our services. We will always price competitively and provide Treatment Bundles to suit all budgets but never compromise on quality or service.

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